BUILD_EXAMPLESONGoverns whether the C/C++ examples are built 
BUILD_JASPEROFFGoverns whether the Jasper library (libjasper) is built from source in the 3rdparty directory 
BUILD_JPEGOFFAs above, for libjpeg 
BUILD_PNGOFFAs above, for libpng 
BUILD_TBBOFFAs above, for tbb 
BUILD_TIFFOFFAs above, for libtiff 
BUILD_ZLIBOFFAs above, for zlib 
BUILD_opencv_javaOFFControls the building of the Java bindings for OpenCVBuilding the Java bindings requires OpenCV libraries be built for static linking only
BUILD_opencv_nonfreeOFFControls the building of non-free (non-open-source) elementsUsed only for building 2.4.X
BUILD_opencv_pythonONControls the building of the Python 2 bindings in OpenCV 2.4.XUsed only for building 2.4.X
BUILD_opencv_python2ONControls the building of the Python 2 bindings in OpenCV 3.1.0Not used in 2.4.X
BUILD_opencv_python3OFFControls the building of the Python 3 bindings in OpenCV 3.1.0Not used in 2.4.X
CMAKE_BUILD_TYPEReleaseSelects the type of build (release vs. development)Is generally either Release or Debug
CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX/usrSets the root for installation of the libraries and header files 
CUDA_ARCH_BINvariesSets the CUDA architecture(s) for which code is compiledUsually only passed for platforms with known specific cards. OpenCV includes a small program that determines the architectures of the system's installed card if you do not pass this parameter. Here, for Ubuntu desktop, the value is a list to maximize card support.
CUDA_ARCH_PTX""Builds PTX intermediate code for the specified virtual PTX architectures 
CUDA_TOOLKIT_ROOT_DIR/usr/local/cuda-8.0 (for Linux)Specifies the location of the CUDA include files and libraries 
ENABLE_NEONONEnables the use of NEON SIMD extensions for ARM chipsOnly passed for builds on ARM platforms
ENABLE_PRECOMPILED_HEADERSOFFEnables/disables support for pre-compiled headersOnly specified on some of the ARM platforms
INSTALL_C_EXAMPLESONEnables the installation of the C example files as part of make install 
INSTALL_TESTSONEnables the installation of the tests as part of make install 
OPENCV_TEST_DATA_PATH../opencv_extra/testdataPath to the testdatadirectory in the opencv_extrarepository 
WITH_1394OFFSpecifies whether to include IEEE-1394 support 
WITH_CUDAONSpecifies whether to include CUDA support 
WITH_FFMPEGONSpecifies whether to include FFMPEG support 
WITH_GSTREAMEROFFSpecifies whether to include GStreamer 1.0 support 
WITH_GSTREAMER_0_10OFFSpecifies whether to include GStreamer 0.10 support 
WITH_GTKONSpecifies whether to include GTK 2.0 supportOnly given on Linux platforms, not Microsoft Windows
WITH_OPENCLOFFSpecifies whether to include OpenCL runtime support 
WITH_OPENEXROFFSpecifies whether to include ILM support via OpenEXR 
WITH_OPENMPOFFSpecifies whether to include OpenMP runtime support 
WITH_TBBONSpecifies whether to include Intel TBB support 
WITH_VTKOFFSpecifies whether to include VTK support







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